Whats all that noise?

I really love music.

I find it odd yet interesting that a lot of people of my generation say that when describing their interests. But one has to think to one’s self, what person wouldn’t love music?

Music, like writing, is one of the most basic forms of self-expression, and has been around probably since humans learned to communicate. Now that I think about it, music has predated humans by a very, very long time. Music is everywhere; birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees, the ebb and flow of the surf on the beach, the waterfalls and rivers that flow throughout the world. Hell, i’m sure even dinosaurs made interesting sounds that would be akin to a bird’s song since they’re related, but that’s for another time.

The definition of music is “sound organized in time”, which is pretty general, so you could essentially tap a stick on a rock in a regular manner and call it music. Probably not the most interesting music on it’s own, but add a few more elements and I bet you could get something that sounds pretty nice. Some people may not consider that music though, they would just call it noise. Those people are close-minded and need to expand their horizons.

Nature isn’t the only place where music is found though, walk through a busy part of the town or city where you live and I bet if you took a minute or so you could pick up a rhythym of some sort, and sure enough that can be considered music. More people would probably consider that noise, but they probably have more actual noise in their head, and are unable to filter out the things they should be hearing. There are some who call this “noise” an award winning dance troupe. I have yet to see them in person, but I watched an HBO special they did years ago, and it was really amazing. They take everyday things like brooms, garbage cans, or plastic containers, and make music with them.

Music like that is interesting in it’s own way, but not very listenable on a daily basis, to me anyway. My musical preferences are pretty eclectic, with the exception of a lot of country music(don’t get me wrong though, there are definitely times when I wouldn’t mind listening to some bluegrass at all) and “hardcore rap”(though even a lot of the sometimes tasteful “hip-hop” and R&B has gone south, and I don’t mean dirrttay south.)

While i’ve always had a pretty wide range of music I enjoy, I really love the fact that it has grown even more as i”ve gotten older. Not so much in the way that I listen to so many more types of music, it’s that I understand  a lot more of it and I can appreciate it that much more.

One of these days i’m going to learn how to make my own music, most likely guitar or piano(maybe both?) Just for personal entertainment mostly, don’t count on seeing “The best of Reverie” anytime, ever. đŸ™‚