Lost & Found

Today is the first day of the rest of my blog.

The first forms of “writing” were not as you would imagine, they were more like symbols or marks used as indentification for currency or social groups and less like what you’re seeing right now. This is when “history” first began.

History started around the 4th millenium BC(4000-3900 BC), anything before that is known as prehistory and only verbal language was used to communicate anything.

Fast-forward 4000 years.

Around the early first century AD is when the beginnings of diaries and journals began to show up. Eventually, this evolved in to what we know today as the blog. We’ve come a long way from pressing sticks into pieces of clay to communicate. 🙂

Writing since then has been a way of self-reflection, record keeping, or to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others. My intent for this blog is a bit of the all those, though right now, mostly the former.

I really enjoy writing, as it is one of the few things I consider myself exceptionally good at, but I don’t do it half as much as i’d like to or should. Every time I try to start a blog I end up getting preoccupied with who knows what and forget about it.  Thinking back on that statement, that seems to be a theme of my life. I’ve never fully committed to any one task that I can remember. At the time though  I don’t think I was capable, but I am sure I am now and I’ve been looking for something to commit to, and this is where it will begin.