Anyone can draw a picture

I’m sort-of in the Graphic Design industry. Sort-of because I went to a 2 year school that supposedly taught me how to be a graphic artist, but most of the days there were spent browsing the internet and/or listening to music because there was never exactly a lesson planned out or projects to be done. All of the time spent there wasn’t a complete waste however, the websites I browsed were mostly related to learning graphic design. So essentially I paid a lot of money to use the internet on a fancy computer to teach myself how to be a graphic artist, and while I have a pretty good understanding of how the programs work, and have a good eye for design, I still don’t feel like I necessarily know how to be a graphic designer.

But I can make logos like a mofo.

And when I see classified ads from people looking for you to make them logosĀ  I don’t expect anything reasonable to be said in the ad, and most of the time my expectations are met. People like to think they ask a bunch of people to make a logo for them, and “if I like it i’ll pay you”, but fail to realize that it just doesn’t work like that. Any self-respecting artist would tend to agree with this, and some have their own take on it. That’s like ordering food from a dozen restaurants, eating the food, then telling the restaurants if you like their food then you’ll pay for it. Unless any of those places are giving out free food, that’s not gonna fly.

Like the restaurants, who spent money on the ingredients plus the time spent preparing the meal, logo design is a great time investment in both research and implementation. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t realize this, or just don’t care enough to acknowledge it. Their line of thinking is probably something along the lines of “it’s just drawing a picture, anyone can draw if they tried”, but not everyone can draw something well enough to represent your business.

I don’t really pay too much attention to these sort of ads anymore, because they just end up being a waste of time(literally.) That doesn’t mean there aren’t companies out there willing to pay you what you’re worth, you just have to look a little harder.